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20 juin 2010 7 20 /06 /juin /2010 12:41

L'American Bandstand est probablement le show tv qui american-bandstand-by-cdnpicappdotcomsera la plus représentatif des goûts musicaux des teenagers de la seconde moitier des années 1950's et du début des 1960's.

En effet, on voit défiler sur le plateau de l'emission quelques unes des stars de l'époque du rockn'roll, doo wop, Teen rock et rhythm and blues.

Le show filmé au départ dans les studios de la tv WFDIL de Philadelphie, commence en 1952 et se termine en 1989.  A l'origine l'idée vient d'une émission de radio de WPEN The 950 Club présenté par Joe Grady et Ed Hurst. La première emission sera réalisé le 7 Octobre 1952 dans le Studio B, le producteur original est Tony Mammarella avec Ed Yates comme metteur en scène. Déja, on peut noter un public de Teenagers qui dansent durant l'émission, mais l'étroitesse du studio limite leur nombre.

A la fin de l'été 1957, l'emission change de grille de programation en passant à 15 h 30, et à partir du 5 Aout 1957 elle devient un programme national et Dick Clark le présentateur devient aussi producteur du programme. On peut noter que l'emission sera briévement retransmise en couleur en 1958, lorsque WFIL-TV expérimente cette nouvelle technologie On peut noter qen Février 1964 que le show quitte Philadelphie pour les studios d' ABC Television à Los Angeles AB.danny.juniors .


Afin de donner une idée des artistes qui ont pu  apparaître à l''American Bandstand voici à titre d'exemple la liste (non exhaustive) de ces derniers durant  la pèriode qui correspond à la première saison officiel soit entre Aout 1957 et Aout 1958. Je possède quelques passage en vidéo de cette émission, mais cela reste infime par rapport au nombre de prestation d'artistes qui sont passés sur le plateau de ce programme TV:


Aout 1957: The Frank Virtuoso Quintet; Eileen Barton : Without Love;  The Matys Brothers: Muskrat Rumble & Crazy Street; Fats Domino: What Will I Tell My Heart?;  Johnny Nash : A Teenager Sings the Blues; Buddy Holly & The Crickets : That'll Be the Day; Steve Karmen : Wild Eyes et  Tender Lips; The Dubs: Don't Ask Me (To Be Lonely); Randy Starr: A Dance, A Kiss and a Promise; David Hill : By My Side; Terri Stevens : Pin-Up Girl; Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On;  Jimmy Bowen & The Rhythm Orchids: Don't Tell Me Your Troubles; Ted Newman : Plaything; Lee Kane; Rusty & Doug (brothers Rusty and Doug Kershaw) : Love Me To Pieces; Sal Mineo : You Shouldn't Do That et Lasting Love;  Jodie Sands : With All My Heart; Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps : Lotta Lovin;  The Four Coins: Shangri-La; Lee Andrews and The Hearts : Long Lonely Nights; Kitty Kallen: Lasting Love; The Teenagers (probablement Frankie Lymon & Teenagers); Paul Anka : Diana et  Somethin' Smith; Dale Hawkins : Suzie Q.;  Don Rondo : White Silver Sands; Billy Williams : I'm Gonna Sit Right Down et  Write Myself A LetteramerbandstandThe Chordettes : Just Between You and Me


Septembre 1957: Sonny James: Uh-Huh-Mm; Bob Crewe: Torn and Tattered Heart et I Can't Shake the Blues; The Rays: Silhouettes; Eileen Rodgers: Third Finger-Left Hand; Dick Lindy; Don Rondo: White Silver Sands; The Poni-Tails: Can I Be Sure?; Dale Hawkins : Number Nine Train;  Bob Jaxson : You Gotta Have Money in the Bank Frank; Frankie Avalon : Teacher's Pet;  Rod Willis: Somebody's Been Rocking My Baby; Bobby Charles: One Eyed Jack;  Tommy Leonetti: I'd Climb The Highest Mountain; The Crew-Cuts: Hey You Face;  Ted Newman: Plaything; The Everly Brothers : Wake Up Little Susie; Nick Noble: Moonlight Swim;  The Tune Weavers: Happy, Happy Birthday Baby; Webb Pierce : Holiday for Love; Jimmie Rodgers : Honeycomb; The Diamonds: Zip Zip; The Mike Pedicin Quintet: Shake A Hand; Brian Fischer; Libby Dean: Ding Dong Rock A Billy Wedding; The Mello-Kings : Tonite, Tonite; Andy Williams: Lips of Wine; The Bobbettes: Mr. Lee


Octobre 1957: The Four Top Hatters; Bob Grabeau; Billy Miles;  Jill Whitney; Bonnie Guitar : Mister Fire Eyes; The DeJohn Sisters;american-bandstand-bw Georgia Gibbs: Walkin' the Floor Over You; Billy Williams: Got a Date With an Ange;  The Five Satins: To The Aisle;  The Rover Boys; Artie Wayne: Your Name With Love; Carol Jarvis: Rebel; Lou Connettie; The Four Coins : My One Sin; The Del-Vikings: Willette et I'm Spinning; Jerry Lee Lewis : Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On et  Thurston Harris : Little Bitty Pretty One; Johnny Mathis: Chances Are et  The Twelfth of Never;  Andy Williams: Lips of Wine; The Chordettes: Just Between You and Me et Soft Sand;  Chuck Reed: A Southern Boy Sings The Blues; The Shepherd Sisters: Alone; Jackie Wilson: Reet Petite; Marvin Rainwater: Gonna Find Me a Bluebird; Bobby Brooks; Cathy Carr; 


Novembre 1957: Ronnie Self : Ain't I'm a Dog; Paul Hampton: Play It Cool; Bill Haley and His Comets: You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming; Sunny Gale : Who Are We To Say & A Meeting Of The Eyes; Mickey & Sylvia : There'll be No Backing Out; Guy Pastor: This Is My Lucky Day et Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries; Tom & Jerry (alias Simon and Garfunkel):Hey Schoolgirl; Dick Duane: What Good Does It Do?;  Gary Trexler: Teen Baby; Jim Lowe: Rock-A-Chicka et The Bright Light;  The Wilburn Brothersamerican bandstand-show : I Got Over The Blues; Janice Harper: That's Why I Was Born; Joni James: You Belong to Me & Summer Love; Paul Carr et Fran Lori : Who Are We To Say; Chuck Berry: Rock & Roll Music;  Lu Ann Simms: Cha-Lypso et Remember Marcellino; Tommy Prisco: Teardrops in My Heart et Maybe Someday; Jerry Reed: In My Own Backyard et Ba-Bee; Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones : Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks et Rocket; Mitzi Mason: Fair Winds and Full Sail; Jerry Lee Lewis: Great Balls of Fire; The Bachelors; The Four Esquires: Love Me Forever;


Decembre 1957: The Mike Pedicin Quartet: Shake A Hand; The Mello Kings: Tonite, Tonite; The Everly Brothers: Wake Up Little Susie; The Esquires: Love Me Forever; The Dubs: Could This be Magic?; Bobby Darin: Don't Call My Name; Sonny James : Uh-Huh-Mm; Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps: Dance to the Bop; Gene Nash: Beeline et The Spider; Frankie Avalon: Shy Guy; Kay Armen: Ha! Ha! Ha!; Bill Justis & His Combo: Raunchy;  The Sprouts : Teen Billy Baby; Terry Noland: Patty Baby; The Diamonds: The Stroll; Jimmy Dee and the Offbeats: Henrietta; Johnny Nash : A Very Special Love;  The Rays : Silhouettes; Billy Crash Craddock;  


Janvier 1958: The ExplorePAHistory-a0b5c9-a 349Shepherd Sisters: Gettin' Ready For Freddie; Eddie Cochran : Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie;  June Valli: Unchained Melody & Old Cape Cod; The Jaye Sisters; Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers : Goody-Goody; Danny Davis : One Love Too Late; Connie Francis: Who's Sorry Now?; Johnny Cash: Ballad of a Teenage Queen; Dale Wright & The Rock-Its: She's Neat; The All-Stars (instrumental group); Burt Taylor (listed as Bert Taylor): I Can't Help It; Nick Noble : Sweet Treat; The Georgettes : Love Like A Fool; Sam Cooke : (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons; Dicky Doo & the Don'ts: Click Clack; Don Rondo: White Silver Sands; George Hamilton IV : Why Don't They Understand?; Sal Mineo : Little Pigeon;  The Twin-Tones: Jo Ann; Buddy Knox : Party Doll; The Petticoats (vocal trio) : I Ain't Gonna Do It No More;
Billy and Lillie (singing duo): La Dee Dah


Fevrier 1958: Ted Taylor: Keep Walking On;  Tommy Sands: Sing Boy Sing; Sonny Lowery: Goodbye Baby Goodbye;  The Kids (probablement 'The Collins Kids'); Jackie Wilson: To Be Loved;  The Hollywood Flames: Buzz Buzz Buzz!; Margie Rayburn: I'm Available & Rock and Roll Waltz; Pat Shannon: Maybelle & Knock Knock (Who's There?); Ersel Hickey : Bluebirds Over the Mountain; The Casuals: So Tough; Anthony Roma: Teen Angel; Pat Boone: It's A Wonderful Time Up There & It's Too Soon to Know; Ersel Hickey : BlExplorePAHistory-a0h3c4-a 349uebirds Over the Mountain; Lou Monte: Lazy Mary; Bobby Mitchell : I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday; The Everly Brothers: This Little Girl of Mine & Should We Tell Him; Gene Vincent: I Got A Baby et Walkin' Home From School; Janice Harper: Come on Home, All's Forgiven; The Royal Teens: Short Shorts; The Ames Brothers: A Very Precious Love et Melodie D'Amour



Mars 1958:Tommy Leonetti: Free; Don Gibson: Oh Lonesome Me!; Frankie Avalon: Dede Dinah!; Ronnie Pearson: I Dig That Gal The Most;  Carol Jarvis: Rebel; The Chancellors: The Stroll & Come Go with Me; David Hill : Big Guitar; Billy and Lillie: Happiness; Tom & Jerry (alias Simon and Garfunkel): Our Song & Two Teenagers; The Spaniels: Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight & Everyone's Laughing; Kathy Linden: Billy; Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin' OnYou Win Again & Breathless; The Four Voices: Lovely One & Dancing with My Shadow; Terry Noland: Raunchy; Cliff Thomas Raunchy; Merv Griffin: I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts; Frankie Vaughan: Judy;  The Four Lads: There's Only One Of You;  Jack Jones: The Donkey Serenade; Don Cornell: I've Got Bells On My Heart;  The Four Dates (vocal group): I'm Happy; The Tracey Twins: Don't Mean Maybe Baby; Heartbreak Hill; Andy Williams: Are You Sincere?; Jimmy McCrackin;  


Avril 1958: Larry Dean: Pony Tail;  The Beavers: Low As I Can Be; Tina Robin: A Little Bird Told Me;  Buddy Greco : The Earth And The Seven Seas; Jodie Sands: Someday; The Mello Kings: Valerie;  The Royal Jacks : I'm In Love Again; The Ames Brothers: Little Gypsy et A Very Special Love; Lu Ann Simms: In the Middle of the Island et Junior Prom; Tommy Prisco: O Bella Mia;  Laurie London : He's Got the Whole World; Huey 'Piano' Smith and the Clowns: Don't You Just Know It?et  Addie Lee: C'mon Home; Johnnie and Joe : Why Did She Go?; Sammy Salvo: She Takes Sun Baths;  Dion and The Belmonts : I Wonder Why; Dick Duane: Eternally; The Bay Bops (vocal group): Midnight Swim; The Champs: Tequila; Barbara McNair: Till There was You & Bobb; Les Paul and Mary Ford: Hummingbird & Cinco Robles ;  Hunt Stevens: Love Me; Vaughn Monroe: Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots & In the Middle of The House;  The James Brothers: Wake the Town and Tell the People; Jim Reeves: Four Walls; LaVern Baker: Tweedlee Dee & Jim Dandy;  The Voxpoppers: Wishing for Your Love; The Four Preps: 26 Miles;  Laurie London: He's Got The Whole World in His Hands; Johnny Nash: A Very Special Love; The Playmates: Jo-Ann & Let's Be Lovers


Mai 1958: The Playmates: Jo-Ann & Don't Go Home; Kathy Linden: You'd Be Surprised; Janice Harpe: Hands Across the Sea; Vinnie Monte: Teen-Age Crush; Jim Eddy: Psalm 23; The Tyrones, The Dynells; Bernie Early : Rock Doll et Your Kisses Kill Me; The Four Aces; Written in the Wind & Rock & Roll Rhapsody; Jim Lowe: The Green Door & Wicked Woman; Gerry Granahan: No Chemise, Please!; Teacho & The Students: School Day; Gina and Gino:  Pretty Baby; Ernie Cast and The Honeycombers: Honeycomb;  Betty Johnson: The Little Blue Man  &  Dream; Mickey and Sylvia: Love is Strange et There Ought to be A Law Here; John D. Loudermilk : Susie's House; The Champs: Tequila & El Rancho Rock; The Lane Brothers :Somebody Sweet



Juin 1958:The Aquatones : You; Roy Hamilton : Don't Let Go & Unchained Melody; Sandy Stewart : A Certain Smile; Darrell Glenn: Congratulations To Me; Pat Shannon: Old Cape Cod & Red Sails in the Sunset; Marvin Rainwater: Moanin' the Blues; Fabian : I'm In Love; Carl Smith: Best Years Of Your Life; Jennie Smith: I'm A Fool to Want YouI'll String Along with You; The Three G's: Let's Go Steady for the Summer; The Timbers: Tree Top; Ray Peterson: Let's Try Romance; Johnny O'Neil: Beach Doll; Dick Lee: Crazy Arms; Jimmy Clanton: Just A Dream; The Kalin Twins: When;  The Chordettes: Lollipop & Zorro; The Four Preps: 26 MilesBig Man; Danny & the Juniors: Rock 'N' Roll is Here to Stay & At The Hop;


Juillet 1958: The Poni-Tails: Born Too Late ; Dion and The Belmonts : No One Knows; Jackie Wilson : We Have Love; The Royal Teens : Harvey's Got A Girl Friend; Larry Williams; Bobbie Roberts; Bob Crewe; Tommy Payne; Eddie Fontaine; Dick Banks: Dirty Dog; Duane Eddy: Rebel-'Rouser & Movin' And Groovin; Frankie Tyler (alias Frankie Avalon) : I Go Ape; The Wild Tones :Shup-Ups et The Martian Band; Ersel Hickey: Lover's Land et Goin' Down That Road;  The Four To phatters: Candy Baby; Dale Hawkins: La-Do-Dada;  The DeJohn Sisters: Straighten Up & Fly Right; The Chantels: Maybe & I Love You; Jack Scott: My True Love  & Leroy; Connie and Lee : Cool, Cool, Baby; Frank Sardo : Class Room; The Original Casuals: Three Kisses Past Midnight;  Connie Francis: I'm Sorry I Made You Cry; Lillian Briggs : Come Here;  Frankie Avalon : Ginger Bread



Aout 1958 Sanford Clark : Still As The Night et Sing 'Em Some Blues; The Five Satins :  In the Still of the Nite et  to the Aisle; Eddie Cochran : Summertime Blues; The Dappers : We're In Love et Spellbound; The Slades Un groupe vocal avec Ray Campi) et The Kingsmen (un groupe instrumental différent du groupe qui chante Louie Louie en 1962); Bobby Freeman :  Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes et Do You Wanna Dance,  The Royal Holidays : I'm Sorry; The Coasters : Yakety Yak.


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